Who do you turn to?

  • Police 112
  • Casa Marioarei 022725861


How can we help you?

  • Shelter
  • Counseling
  • Social assistance


What can you do?

About us

The Association against Domestic Violence “Casa Marioarei” is a non-governmental, democratic, independent, non-political and non-religious association founded in 2000, at the initiative and with the support of First Lady Antonina Lucinschi, in order to provide support to women and children survivors of domestic violence.

In its activity, the Association focuses on three strategic pillars: Assistance, Prevention and Capacity Building.


The Association against Domestic Violence “Casa Marioarei” provides quality services (psychological, social, legal, medical assistance and shelter) to women and children survivors of domestic violence.

External vision:

The Association against Domestic Violence “Casa Marioarei” advocates and promotes a world free of violence, with a healthy family environment, surrounded by love and harmony.

Internal vision:

The Association against Domestic Violence “Casa Marioarei” is a resource center for professionals and citizens in the field of preventing and combating gender-based violence.

Annually, the Association Against Violence “Casa Marioarei” provides social, psychological, medical, legal assistance and shelter for about 800 women and children, victims of domestic violence, organizes training to strengthen multidisciplinary teams in dealing with domestic violence, educational programs for men / boys, fathers / future fathers, in order to involve them in the process of raising and educating children, household activities, programs and actions to promote gender equality.

The specialists of the Association are constantly improving their professional abilities by participating in various national and international trainings, thus improving their skills and competences in providing assistance to women and their children, survivors of violence, actively involved in implementing strategies, national and international programs in prevention and combating domestic violence.

The “Casa Marioarei” Association is an active member of the National Coalition “Life without Violence”, a member of the National Platform for Gender Equality, a member of the international WAVE network.

Years of activity
12000 +
1000 +
Sheltered survivors
Agents of change
Changed visions



Women victims of domestic violence and their children (from 3 years) can benefit from shelter for a period of up to 6 months including:

  • separate room (for each woman or mother-child couple), equipped with furniture and all the necessary for living;
  • dinning room and kitchen equipped with everything necessary for cooking and serving food;
  • staple foods;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • room for relaxation and activities, playground for children and a special space for outdoor rest.

Women and their children with serious behavioral or personality disorders, psychosis, drug addiction cannot be admitted to the Center.

Social Assistance

Prioritization, identification of social needs and problem solving through:

  • informational support for obtaining new skills for the purpose of professional reintegration (referral to professional courses, consultations when applying for a job);
  • school reintegration (school transfer, identification of kindergarten);
  • redirection to other social services guaranteed by the state or provided by other institutions, etc.
Psychological Assistance
  • Individual counseling;
  • Family counseling (mother-child);
  • Group counseling;
  • Parental education sessions.
Legal Assistance

Informing and guiding the victim about:

  • legal measures to take in order to ensure the protection of herself and her children;
  • obtaining the legal rights;
  • bringing actions in court;
  • preparation of the necessary evidence for the court;
  • representation in court (if possible);
  • representation before public and private institutions, depending on the situation.
Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance
  • Individual counseling;
  • Group counseling;
  • Diagnose;
  • Correction
Primary Medical Care
  • First aid;
  • Primary health care assistance;
  • Health education sessions.



(+373) 22 72 58 61

(+373) 69 333 260

(+373) 69 333 261


(+373) 22 72 78 87



Mon-Fri: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sat-Sun: days off