Project title: “Increasing the capacity of the Association to provide quality services to women and children survivors of domestic violence”.

Implementation period: from 2012 to the present.

Purpose: To provide core support to “Casa Marioarei” enabling it to provide quality legal, psychological, medical and shelter services for women and children victims of domestic violence in Moldova.

Objective: To provide core support to “Casa Marioarei” enabling it to advance its key strategic objectives through

  • Improvement of services provided by “Casa Marioarei” to women survivors of domestic violence and their children (social, psychological, legal, medical services and shelter).
  • Awareness raising to prevent and combat violence against women through working with men and boys.
  • Capacity Building and partnerships with authorities and organizations that offer services for women subjected to domestic violence.


  • Service Improvement

Annually, the Association Against Violence “Casa Marioarei” offers free social, psychological, medical, legal and shelter services for about 800 women and children, victims of domestic violence.

  • Raising awareness

The result is largely based on the implementation of the project “Father-School: step by step”, which is carried out on 3 objectives:

Objective 1: Increasing the motivation of men and fathers to participate in the gender equality dialogue, to be actively involved in raising and educating children, and to develop their parenting skills.

Objective 2: Development of trainers’ skills for at least 10 people, based on the program for trainers within the project “Father-School: step by step”.

Objective 3. Involving men in the process of raising and educating children and sharing household responsibilities, as a strategy to prevent domestic violence.

 Within the project, 20 trainers / trainers were trained, 146 men / boys were involved in discussions, motivated to learn and change their behavior, at the same time according to the statistics of the Facebook page “Father-School”, 580 people showed interested in this project.

  • Capacity building and partnerships

“Casa Marioarei” Association is a resource center for multidisciplinary teams in addressing cases of domestic violence by: developing information materials, educational programs to promote gender equality, organizes various activities with specialists in the field (social workers, police, doctors , pedagogues, students, etc.), as well as with mayors and councilors from localities in the country, focused on social protection issues, providing psychological and legal assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Most members of the work team have at least 15 years of experience working at Casa Marioarei, they know their responsibilities well, which they constantly improve by participating in various national and international activities.

The Association Against Violence “Casa Marioarei” places special emphasis on developing partnerships to achieve the goal, participating in all activities within the National Coalition “Life without violence”, the Platform for Gender Equality and the WAVE network. The members of the association continue to participate in the meetings organized by UN WOMEN, OSCE, US embassies, Sweden, EU Delegation, etc. As members of the Interministerial Council, team members actively participate in all meetings. A new partnership is the Te Doy Foundation, with which we work within the project “Creating a Family Justice Center in Moldova”.

Project title: “Father-School: step by step”

Implementation period: January 2020 – February 2021

Purpose: To prevent domestic violence by encouraging men’s participation in the upbringing and education of children, as well as in the sharing of household responsibilities.


  • creation of a page on Facebook and Instagram -“Tata-Școală”;
  • creation of a group of local coordinators from various regions of the country;
  • involving people in online discussions (154), organized by both local coordinators and volunteers;
  • creating a group of resource people consisting of fathers-examples, with a positive influence in society (doctors, journalists, cooks, police officers, etc.)
  • organizing the event: “Online discussions with involved fathers”, attended by resource people and other interested parties;
  • selection of a group of future-trainers and their coaching by national and international experts (20 people);
  • elaboration / editing of the guide for trainers “I am learning to be a father”.
  • elaboration / editing of the program for trainers “I’m learning to be a father”.
  • elaboration / editing of promotional materials (calendars, diaries, video spots).
  • organizing the workshop for trainers based on the “I am learning to be a father” program.
  • organizing the closing event of the project, handing over the trainer’s certificates.
  • organization by trainers of sessions with fathers / mothers.